City of Wichita Falls Laborer - Seasonal in Wichita Falls, Texas

Posting Information

Brief Description

The purpose of this position is to perform a variety of maintenance or construction work which contributes to the daily tasks, upkeep, care and maintenance of facilities, streets, and landfills. This is accomplished by maintaining the appearance and safety of the grounds, repairing streets, directing landfill traffic, and maintaining the safe and efficient operation of equipment. Other duties include assisting other departments, setting up areas for special events, and completing related duties as assigned. This position is expected to regularly work in or around bodies of water greater in depth than 4 feet, which may pose hazard, especially in the absence of swimming ability.

Formal Education

Work requires knowledge necessary to understand basic operational, technical, or office processes. Level of knowledge equivalent to four years of high school or equivalency.


No experience required


Job has no responsibility for the direction or supervision of others.

Human Collaboration Skills

Work requires regular interaction involving exchange and receipt of information.

Freedom to Act

Receives Immediate Direction: The employee normally performs the duty assignment after receiving detailed instructions as to methods, procedures, and desired end results with little room for deviation. The immediate supervisor may, at times, provide close and constant review.

Technical Skills

Basic: Work requires the use of standard technical skills appropriate to the work environment of the organization.

Budget Responsibility

This position has no budget responsibility.


Basic – Ability to recognize meaning of common two- or three-syllable words. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in elementary school up to high school. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.





Certification & Other Requirements


Position Number: A4401Y

Working Job Title: Laborer - Seasonal

Range: 909

Advertised Salary: 9.484

Beginning Annual: 9.484

Beginning Hourly: 9.484

Position Type: Temporary Full Time

Driver's License: No

Posting Date: 12/14/2017

Essential Function: Assists departments with special tasks or setting up and tearing down of equipment and materials at special events.

Code: Heavy

Physical strength for this position: H

Standing: Communicating with co-workers, Observing work duties, Observing work site, Making presentations

Standing Frequency: O

Fine Dexterity: Telephone keypad, Computer keyboard, Calibrating equipment

Fine Dexterity Frequency: F

Walking: To other departments/offices/office equipment, Around work site

Walking Frequency: R

Lifting: Supplies, Equipment, Files

Lifting Frequency: O

Carrying: Supplies, Equipment, Files

Carrying Frequency: O

Sitting: Desk Work, Meetings

Sitting Frequency: C

Reaching: For supplies and files

Reaching Frequency: R

Handling: Paperwork

Handling Frequency: F

Kneeling: Filing in lowerdrawers, Retrieving items from lower shelves/ground

Kneeling Frequency: R

Crawling: None

Crawling Frequency: R

Pushing/Pulling: File drawers, Tables and chairs, Equipment

Pushing/Pulling Frequency: R

Climbing: Stairs, Ladder, Step stool, Onto Equipment

Climbing Frequency: R

Vision: Reading, Computer Screen, Observing worksite

Vision Frequency: C

Foot Controls: Driving, Operating heavy equipment

Foot Controls Frequency: O

Balancing: On Ladder, on step stool, on equpment

Balancing Frequency: R

Bending: Filing in lower drawers, Retrieving items from lower shelves/ground, Making repairs

Bending Frequency: R

Crouching: Filing in lower drawers, Retrieving items from lower shelves/ground

Crouching Frequency: R

Hearing: Communicating via telephone/radio, to co-workers/public, listening to equipment

Hearing Frequency: F

Twisting: From computer to telephone, Getting inside vehicle

Twisting Frequency: O

Talking: Communicating via telephone/radio, to co-workers/public

Talking Frequency: C

Other (specified if applicable): None

Other Frequency: N

Machines, Tools, Equipment, Software, and Hardware:Computers, printers and related software, copier, fax machine, check signing equipment.: Light and heavy equipment

Extreme Temperatures: D

Wetness/Humidity: D

Respiratory Hazards: D

Noise and Vibration: D

Physical Hazards: D

Mechanical Hazards: F

Chemical Hazards: O

Electrical Hazards: O

Fire Hazards: O

Explosives: R

Communicable Diseases: F

Physical Danger or Abuse: F

Other Health and Safety Factor: None

Protective Equipment Required: Protective clothing, footwear, eyewear, gloves. Leather work boot or a safety rated boot/shoe appropriate to the work environment.

Time Pressure: R

Frequent Change of Tasks: O

Performing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously: R

Tedious or Exacting Work: R

Noisy/Distracting Environment: F

Emergency Situation: R

Irregular Work Schedule/Overtime: R

Working Closely with Others as Part of a Team: F

Other (see below): N

Other Non-Physical Demand: None

Primary Work Location: Outdoors