ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY- HR (46061BR) Digital Content & Journey Mgr-Email in Tempe, Arizona

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: The manager of digital content and journey development is deeply audience centric and well skilled in the area of email content development, segmentation and delivery. The manager works under the supervision of the Director of Content for Personalized Channels and will work in conjunction with a team of colleagues. He or she is focused on understanding the unique ASU alumni segments and is able to effectively speak to, inspire and engage individuals to take action. This position specialized in the email channel, and is viewed as the department's resident expert and evangelist for best practices in creating effective audience journeys and crafting variable content that delivers the right message, to the right person at the right time.The typical day-to-day focus of the manager is reviewing marketing plans and applying them to the creation of dynamic journeys and email content. He or she will be routinely working in collaboration with planning, technical and creative teams as well as directly crafting copy, preparing content to be loaded to the system, and reviewing test sends prior to their final delivery. The manager will be the lead orchestrator of the alumni email calendar and will be dedicated to creating a best-in-class experience for one of our largest and most frequently used channels. Focused on continued performance and optimization, they will routinely conduct and review post send analysis to adjust future creative execution and flows based on overall performance as measured by the defined goals of the marketing plans, findings of multivariate testing, overall delivery performance. Highly sensitive to the power of an integrated digital approach, the manager often confers and collaborates with teams releasing content in additional channels.