NetApp, Inc. * Ops Program Manager in Sunnyvale, California

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Title:' Ops Program Manager


Wichita, US

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Job Summary

The Operations Product Manager is the instrumental Operations role on product development Core Teams.' NetApp Core Teams are the project organization comprised of team members representing key functional aspects of the project's complete business, matrixed from the functions they represent, and collectively responsible for the business success of the project.' Team members bear the unique responsibility of providing the expertise and leadership of their represented functions, while optimizing the success of each new product development effort.' Under direction of the team leader, they jointly plan the project, execute work plans, solve problems, and implement contingency approaches when needed.'OPM's have formidable responsibilities in decision-making, planning, and execution throughout the product development process.' As the operations representative to new product development projects, they are responsible for evaluating and resolving the operations feasibility and market readiness of new products.' OPM's lead the operations extended teams, managing project schedules and resource requirements, overseeing workstreams, and achieve results against milestones.'Within the operations functional organization, OPM's from Level 3-5 has escalating responsibility to drive thought leadership, strategy development, and strategy communication/execution.


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OPM responsibilities are organized into the major operations and supply chain responsibilities:



+ Participate in developing new operations strategies based on technology shifts and macro-economic climate changes

+ Advocate and implement operations strategies in NPI projects