PATH Assignment Network, Senior Program Assistant, Malaria Disease Area in Seattle, United States

Assignment Network, Senior Program Assistant, Malaria Disease Area

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Job Description

Assignment Network available - this position is open to internal candidates only.

This assignment network is an in-house networking process to facilitate matching opportunities and people for short-term and low-percentage assignments. We now have a new position available through the assignment network.

The Malaria Disease Area team is currently seeking a Sr Program Assistant. The location of this assignment is in Seattle, WA or Washington, DC.

Percentage time - 30%

Program/Division - Malaria Disease Area

Location - Seattle, WA or Washington, DC

Start date - September 24, 2018

End date - October 29, 2018

Scope of Work

  • Reorganization of some fields in Microsoft Excel to improve ability to filter data. Specifically, addressing a combined Organization/Title column issue so there are two distinct columns.

  • Ensuring consistent nomenclature with organization names (for example, World Health Organization vs The World Health Organization, USAID vs The US Agency for International Development).

  • Validation of flagged data issues (for example, verifying if a contact still works at the listed organization).

  • Uploading of near-final data into Smartsheet.

  • Additional data analysis needs and information gathering to ensure data quality.

Skills and Experience Needed

  • Familiar with contact managementand Smartsheet project management system.

  • Advanced experience in Microsoft Excel.

  • Detail and task-oriented, comfortable to work independently.

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).

Job Location

Seattle, WA or Washington DC, United States

Company Location

United States; Seattle, WA, or Washington, DC

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