Hacking Solutions Sr. Project Manager in Sacramento, California


Our government client hosts and supports more than one-hundred (100) mission-critical and public-facing business applications and databases. These systems are typically custom-built to meet our client s specific business needs and to serve and deliver air quality information to their stakeholders including the general public. Many of these applications and databases require redesign, refactoring, consolidation, or migration to a standardized platform and technology stack.

Additionally, our client has experienced a significant increase in legislative actions that implicitly or explicitly require the development of new information technology (IT) applications. As a consequence, they have a significant number of new projects in progress at any given time, often exceeding project manager resource capacities for gaining project approval and managing new and existing efforts.

To aid in addressing these needs, our client s Office of Information Services (OIS) requires the services of an Expert Project Manager (PM) to project approval lifecycle (PAL) requirements as specified in the Statewide Information Management Manual 19B (SIMM 19B ( https://cdt.ca.gov/policy/simm-19/ ) and SIMM 17, CA-PMF ( http://capmf.cio.ca.gov/ ). This work includes the development of PAL documents, developing or contributing to the development of templates for project planning, execution, and closure, and performing project management-related duties such as managing projects and mentoring project managers when needed. The expert-level and technical Project Manager is needed to join CARB quickly, efficiently and effectively to recommend, manage, and help the division implement IT strategies from a strong technical perspective.

Our client has reduced development cost and time to market for new applications and systems through adoption of agile and lean project management and development methodologies. The Business Analysts will need to provide agile expertise and possess strong process improvement skills in order to assist the division in developing and improving the following areas, including but not limited to: more agile and lean project and software engineering processes; methods; staff resources skill sets; and application of these techniques to existing systems and for the execution of new projects.

The Sr. Project Manager is required to have expert knowledge of the system development lifecycle (SDLC), requirements elicitation, documents, project management principals, and be disciplined in many areas related to project operations, such as financial management, business analysis, operational readiness, organizational change management, and functional and technical infrastructure support.


  1. Six (6) years of experience performing as an expert-level Project Manager for IT projects.

  2. Must possess a valid Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate from the Project Management Institute (PMI). (Must provide certificate with resume.)

  3. Three (3) years of combined experience in various Project Management disciplines (e.g., Risk and Issue Management, Change Control, Quality Assurance, Contract Management, Financial Analysis, and Project Scheduling.)

  4. Two (2) years of project management experience in a supervisory, management, or lead-oversight capacity for a large-scale software project.

  5. Three (3) years of experience in writing project management documentation such as: project management plans, communication plans, schedules, templates, procedures and guidelines.

  6. Two (2) years of experience writing Economic Analysis Worksheets (EAWs) or Financial Analysis Worksheets (FAWs) for State IT projects following SIMM 19B guidance.

  7. Three (3) years of hands-on, direct experience in leading the development of State of California (government) project approval documentation for feasibility study reports (FSRs) and/or project approval lifecycle (PAL) documents as specified in the Statewide Information Management Manual 19B (SIMM 19B (https://cdt.ca.gov/policy/simm-19/) and SIMM 17, California Project Management Framework (CA-PMF, http://capmf.cio.ca.gov/).

  8. Two (2) years of experience leading an agile-based application development project using iterative development processes.

  9. Two (2) years of experience supporting organizational change and training activities as part of an IT project.

  10. Three (3) years of facilitating, collaborating, and negotiating with all levels of stakeholders, up to, and including executive level decision makers.

  11. Three (3) years of experience following SDLCs in order to identify, evaluate, and recommend business or technical requirements applied to the design and development of systems and networks.

Desired Knowledge, Experience, and Skills

  1. Experience in mentoring less experienced project managers to develop their skills.

  2. Experience as a lead in performing duties in system architecture planning, programming, database administration, and other technical areas.

  3. Experience managing a project following a Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) approach.

  4. Expert1 in MS Project.

  5. Skilled at managing multiple tasks simultaneously.