US Census Bureau Recruiting Assistant in Plattsburg, New York

Duties: The RA is a Work at Home (WAH) position that promotes census jobs among community organizations and the general public. These activities include:
• Solicits space for use as training sites location.
• Maintains a positive relationship with community-based organizations (CBOs) that donate space and provides other support to census recruiting programs.
• Appraises Recruiting Managers of recruiting results and ongoing community relations efforts through weekly reports.
• Identifies areas that may be difficult to recruit due to language barriers, cultural barriers or physical barriers.
• Performs recruiting activities to ensure there is a sufficient pool of qualified applicants for temporary employment.
• Meets with and distributes recruiting packets to state, local and tribal governments, local businesses, local public and state employment agencies, media outlets, community centers, religious groups and other appropriate sources to recruit for a variety of positions.
• Maintains good public relations with applicant referral and other employment sources.
• Periodically reviews existing recruitment materials ensuring the applicants are provided with a thorough explanation of the responsibilities of the position.
• Puts up posters, distributes flyers at employment job fairs and performs other similar recruiting activities to recruit local residents.
• When necessary, schedules and monitors paper assessment sessions, reviews application forms, and performs other tasks required in when conducting paper assessment sessions.