Merrill Corporation Sr. Software Engineer II in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Merrill combines great people, best practices and advanced technology while empowering the communications of the world s leading companies and professionals who support them. Whether it s sales, finance, human resources, information technology and more, consider unleashing your talent at Merrill Corporation. JOB DESCRIPTION: The senior engineer 2 exhibits leadership and influence well beyond themselves. This leadership comes in the form of team leadership (acting as a tech lead for a large group), exceptionally strong individual contribution, or something between these two extremes (extensive mentoring of junior team members while maintaining deep individual contribution, for example). Given a nebulous project, a senior engineer 2 will appropriately scope it, find a solution, implement and launch that solution. The senior engineer 2 is viewed as the go-to expert in some significant area of the code base, and not just because they are the only person who has ever worked in that code base. They are involved in setting the standards for the entire organization and providing technical advice and decision-making that affects not only their group but other teams or the company at large. They research and propose new technologies, and have a broad understanding of the entire architecture, as well as very detailed understanding of their area. They may not write as much code day to day but they still deliver features and have learned how to balance leadership and individual contribution. The senior engineer 2 helps large groups of engineers deliver complex projects. They are known for drama-free launches, and own the technical testing and performance planning side of these projects. The senior engineer 2 knows how to do project management. They take long projects or complex groups of user stories and break this work down into milestones to avoid large monolithic deliverables. They strive to deliver software on-time and improve the accuracy of their team s estimations. Beyond the day-to-day, the senior engineer 2 is starting to have a bigger impact beyond themselves and their immediate projects. They identify big issues and opportunities in the technology and organization, and work across teams to create solutions to these issues. They proactively identify and clean up technical debt before it turns into a long-term problem, and encourage and enable their team to do the same. They are setting direction in some major part of the technology for their pillar and have a major role in the pillar or team s decision-making process. As a leader, the senior engineer 2 contributes widely to making others better via code reviews, mentoring, and training. They will sit on architecture review boards as appropriate and may be asked to provide feedback on projects outside their area. They understand the tradeoffs between technical, analytical and product goals, and strive to create solutions that satisfy all of these goals. They know how to not only identify technical problems and create solutions, but are also able to get cross-team buy-in for their solutions and manage projects to make these solutions come to life. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Go-to expert in one area of the code base; understands the broad architecture of the entire system. Scopes and stages work into well-defined milestones to avoid a monolithic deliverable. Regularly delivers software on-time and is constantly working to make accurate estimates and delivers on those estimates. Takes initiative to identify and solve important problems, coordinating with others on cross-cutting technical issues. Makes others better through code reviews, thorough documentation, technical guidance, and mentoring or serving as a Tech Lead on a project. ADDITIONAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Provides technical advice and weighs in on technical decisions that impact other teams or the company at large. Researches and proposes new tech