Consolidated Asset Management Services, LLC I&E Technician in Keyes, Oklahoma

Job Descriptions:

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting of field instrumentation devices for process equipment including Flow devices, Pressure devices, Temperature devices, Direct and inferential level measurement devices, and Analytical equipment and instrumentation.

  • Installation, calibration, inspection, and troubleshooting of instruments and electrical equipment, in accordance with NFPA 70, NFPA 70E, ISA and Company Standards.

  • Identify, interpret and effectively use drawings and documentation related to electrical and process controls including Electrical One-line diagrams, Elementary diagrams, wiring schematics, control schematics, P&ID’s, Cause and Effect diagrams, Instrument Loop diagrams, Interconnect diagrams, etc.

  • Interpret and troubleshoot PLC and DCS logic including ladder logic, function block, and structured text routines.

  • Troubleshoot, repair motor control circuits and equipment including VFD’s, motors and motor control circuits.

  • Develop written job plans for electrical and instrumentation projects.

  • Develop written procedures for instrumentation and electrical equipment maintenance and inspection.

  • Plan and direct procurement of repair parts and material for electrical and instrument systems for project and maintenance purposes.

  • Support Plant Operations to minimize production impacts and enhance reliability.

  • Maintain high standards of workmanship and professionalism while working as a member of a team or when working alone.

Required Experience:

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

  • HS Diploma

  • Education in the process instrumentation and electrical trades, preferably in process plants. Preferred buy not required.

  • Certifications from trade schools and/or professional organizations are preferred.

  • Must be capable and willing to work overtime as required.

  • Must be able to respond to call outs.

Keyword: maintenance, repairs and modifications, plants instrumentation,

From: Consolidated Asset Management Services, LLC