Mentor, A Siemens Business Lead Member Technical Staff - 6568 in Hyderabad, India

Lead Member Technical Staff - 6568


Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Title: Lead Member Technical Staff - 6568

Job Location: India - Hyderabad

Job Category: R&D/Software Engineering

Job Duties:

• Development, maintenance and testing of software emulation-related products, including development of accurate C/C++ models of CPUs and typical devices that make up a modern day System-on-Chip (SoC).

• Acquire and maintain knowledge of our current tools, languages, and processes as deemed necessary to support design, implementation, and release of current and future software products and features

• Bringing up of the latest versions of Linux and Android software on SoC models, development of Verilog test benches and integrating the SoC models with the rest of the HW descriptions of the customer’s product

• Development of Verilog code to extract architecturally important state of CPUs from RTL based CPU emulation runs

• Participate in product development projects including specifications, design, scheduling, code reviews and inspections, implementation, testing, documentation and product maintenance, so that schedules and releases are predictable and measurable against project objectives and goals

• Independently test, benchmark and fix product issues and extend and maintain our products’ functionality as needed

• Interface with other developers and teams as needed to understand and manage interdependencies of project tasks, products and flow integration issues

Job Qualifications:

• B.Tech or M.Tech in CSE from premier institute

• 2-5 years of experience in software development, preferable in C, C++ and on Linux environment

• Good analytical, problem solving and debugging skills with exposure to product development life cycle

• Good understanding of data structures and Algorithms

• Knowledge of CPU/Processor Architecture

• Exposure to product development life cycle

• Familiarity with scripting languages like awk, perl, tcl, python

• Self-motivated and able to work independently

•Good communication skills to work with management, colleagues and other teams

• Would be great to have:

1. Knowledge of/exposure to assembly languages, ARM processors’ architecture, Verilog, SystemC and functional verification tools like ModelSim

2. Experience with writing synthesizable RTL in Verilog/VHDL

3. Exposure to Simulation/Emulation environments or Experience with FPGA based platforms