UNC Department of Public Safety Postdoctoral Research Associate - Hahn Lab in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Position Summary

The Hahn lab is seeking postdoctoral fellows for a range of projects spanning synthetic chemistry, systems biology, protein engineering, optogenetics, biosensors, motility and the cell biology of immune cells. We develop novel methods to visualize and control protein function in vivo, then apply these for a systems level analysis of cell behavior. We are also seeking postdocs with a background in microscope development and image analysis, to spearhead collaborations with microscope engineering labs and computational labs for quantitative imaging, single molecule analysis, cryoEM/biosensor correlation, super-resolution imaging and other novel microscope approaches. Organic synthesis positions offer the opportunity for organic chemists to move into a new area of research, focusing on projects that combine organic synthesis, molecular biology, and cell biology. Please visit the Hahn lab website at http://hahnlab.com for more information.

Educational Requirements

Positions require PhD in Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biology, or related field.

Qualifications and Experience

Please visit http://hahnlab.com for information on specific qualifications required for current openings.

Special Instructions

Interested applicants should visit http://hahnlab.com for information on current openings. Directions for the electronic submission are provided at the application site.

Positions are for initial one year appointments with the potential to reappoint.

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Special Physical and Mental Requirements

Postdoctoral Affairs Contact Information

If you experience any problems accessing the system or have questions about the application process, please contact the University’s Equal Employment Opportunity office at (919) 966-3576 or send an email to equalopportunity@unc.edu.

Please note: The Equal Employment Opportunity office will not be able to provide specific updates regarding position or application status.

Position Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate - Hahn Lab

Vacancy ID: PDS001579

Department: Pharmacology - 424001

Position Type: Postdoctoral Scholar

Salary Range: Dependent Upon Education and Experience

Full-time/Part-time: Full Time

FTE: 1.0

Estimated Duration of Appointment: 12 Months

Posting Open Date: 01/23/2017

Open Until Filled: Yes

Work Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Department Contact Name and Title: Janeice Cox, HR Consultant

Department Contact Telephone or Email: janeice_burnette@med.unc.edu