The GEO Group MONITOR-D52 in WOODRIDGE, Illinois


This position maintains continuous state of alertness and awareness to control and secure the facility and residents. It operates within legal constraints and contract agency stipulations in order to maintain the security of the facility and safety of the youth, staff and community.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Physically patrols the internal and external areas of the facility frequently to visually observe and listen to youth and monitor the state of the facility.  Examples of activities include smelling for marijuana; listening to conversations; ensuring doors, windows and gates are properly secured, and fences are intact.
  • Observes meals, visitor hours, and work details to determine unusual or suspicious activities or behavior so that preventive measures can be taken prior to potential problem occurrences.
  • Manages the security control center including the base station radio; maintain regular radio contact; ensure radios are charged at all times.  Respond to emergency situations by making outside contact with law enforcement and facility management in a timely manner.
  • Maintains head count systems by conducting head counts at least every 8 hours.  Track all juvenile moves, work assignments changes, etc. and insure youth are accounted for at all times.
  • Organizes youth work crews to assist in maintaining facility cleanliness to ensure that facility meets company and government standards.
  • Uses judgment to determine inappropriate or abnormal conditions or behavior.  Takes action to verify or correct abnormal or unusual situations, or request assistance and input from a peer or supervisor if the situation escalates beyond your capabilities.
  • Uses proper judgment in determining technique to use to prevent injury to the youth or others.  Documents all crisis intervention methods used.
  • May issue keys to authorized personnel and record issuance in appropriate logs to record the number of the key issued, location of the lock, number of keys to the lock and the names of all employees possessing keys.
  • Maintains strict security of all tools, utensils, or equipment that have the potential to cause injury to help guarantee safety of the youth.
  • Conducts scheduled and impromptu cleanliness checks of facility to maintain it in an orderly and clean fashion to meet health and environmental requirements.
  • Renders first-aid, CPR, or other emergency services as may be needed to guarantee youth safety.
  • May interface periodically with authorized correctional or contracting agency personnel to communicate status of residents and coordinate resident activities.
  • Inventories property and complete Property Inventory Form upon arrival of new resident.  Re-inventories and secures property if resident escapes, so that resident's property will be available when it is claimed.
  • Makes initial contact with any visitors and verify their identity.  Be professional and courteous while assisting visitor or government officials with resident affairs.
  • Counselor youth to build confidence and foster behavioral change based on personal problems and life experiences.
  • Documents formal and informal disciplinary actions for rule violations, according to procedure, to comply with government and contracting agency requirements and log accordingly.
  • Performs the following activities on both a scheduled and random basis:  urinalyses, patdowns, shakedowns, counts, breath tests and community verifications, to maintain the control and security of the youth and facility.
  • Maintains legible, accurate and concise records in your own handwriting of observations in the Daily Log so that staff on all shifts are continuously informed of the status of youth and facility.  Examples include facility conditions; unusual or suspicious resident behavior, comments, complaints or grievances; requests by contracting agencies for resident information.
  • Secures prescription medicine.  Medication log is to be completed to ensure residents do not abuse or misuse medication.
  • Be aware of and convey youth communications to appropriate supervisors so that preventive measures can be taken to maintain the health, safety and security of the youth and staff.
  • Communicates with youth and staff in a professional manner to affirm and enhance self-esteem and dignity, and to maintain positive detainee/staff relations.
  • Be familiar with the goals of the program so that youth needs are met.
  • Participates in staff meetings by sharing observations and recommendations regarding the facility, youth and staff relations to identify and resolve problems and function as a unified team.
  • Completes in-service training to meet the requirements for continued personal and professional self-development.  (Full-time employees 40 hours per year and proportionate hours for all other classifications of employees.)
  • Maintains confidentiality obtained through job duties regarding employees, vendors, residents, outside agencies, etc., so that sensitive information is only given on a "need to know" basis.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.