Abt Associates Technical Specialist 9 - Medical Information System Consultant in Kyrgyzstan

Organization Overview

The International Health Division is committed to the improvement of health and healthcare delivery around the world. Serving both the public and private sectors, our efforts include health policy research and evaluation, health promotion and disease prevention, health finance, and health systems management. Our impact is felt in policies that ensure healthcare access for women, children, and individuals with special needs, in strengthening health infrastructures, and HIV/AIDS solutions.


Abt Associates seeks consultant for USAID-funded Defeat TB Project (DTB) in Kyrgyzstan, which emphasizes increasing equitable and universal access to high quality TB services for all (focusing on vulnerable population). This consultant will assist in support related to development and implementation of TB MIS as an integrative part of Health informational system.

Consultant assists to MIS specialist to strengthen information systems by shift to modern IT technologies and mechanisms to connect it to general MIS including testing and implementation of different IT modules.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Training, implementation of information systems for automation of "Electronic patient records" at the NTP hospital.
  • Assist in the implementation of the newly developed software on electronic patient records for TB hospitals.
  • Monitor actions of users and performance of the software in the process of implementation.
  • Perform other tasks related to the development and implementation of modern information technologies in TB service.

  • Monthly report on progress of activities

  • Joint automated information system at the NTP hospital
  • Creation of training material on the "Electronic patient records" software product, training of doctors, nurses, and admissions.
  • Assistance to IT specialists from the health care system and laboratories in preparation of new rules of document processing, functional requirements and their formalization in written form.

Preferred Skills / Prerequisites

  • Technical education.
  • Knowledge of databases and relevant development tools, understanding of principles of database.
  • Experience of work with Oracle Database 11g and SQL more than 2 years.
  • Develop XML (eXtensible Markup Language) data exchange format
  • Work with SOAP protocols (Simple Object Access Protocol), REST (Representational State Transfer), XML-RPC (XML Remote Procedure Call) for data exchange.
  • Experience of work with web services
  • Experience of work with Cisco and VPN.
  • Knowledge and experience of work with Microsoft Visual Studio (C#).
  • Knowledge of Windows Server 2003 to the latest versions
  • Experience with Virtual Machines (VMware 5.5)
  • Advanced programming and database development skills.
  • At least 6 years of experience in information systems.
  • Responsibility, independence, carefulness, logical thinking, good memory.

Minimum Qualifications

  • (4+) years of experience and a bachelors degree OR the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Abt Associates is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer committed to fostering a diverse workforce. Abt Associates provides market-competitive salaries and comprehensive employee benefits. Local candidates strongly encouraged to apply.