CompuCom Senior Traffic Manager in Toronto, Ontario


The Senior Manager Level manages personnel and activities associated with company logistics, distribution, traffic functions and related processes in support of overall corporate goals and objectives. The Senior Traffic Manager includes management responsibility for Canada and international logistics, transportation, export/import and HAZMAT compliance administration, freight payment/audit operations.


  • Within assigned area, manage day-to-day traffic, freight payment, and logistics support operations

  • Manage export/import contract carrier, freight forwarder/broker, and third-party logistics provider services

  • Interface internally with corporate divisions, and externally with vendors, suppliers, air and

surface carriers, freight forwarders, government regulatory agencies, and customers to assure adherence to corporate, customer, and foreign requirements for the timely distribution of company-supplied product and service

  • Effectively train, lead, motivate, and develop subordinates toward the successful fulfillment ofdefined duties

  • Develop, Administer, and disseminate Company Export/Import Compliance Policy on annual basis

  • Manage Company’s Export/Import Compliance Program under the auspices of the Law Department, and advise operations management concerning facilitating processes as required

  • Administer Company’s Foreign Persons Employee Regulatory Compliance Check Program under the auspices of the HR and Law Departments

  • Review proposed export/import transactions with respect to applicable Canadian and Foreign Regulations to assure legal compliance

  • Initiate classification requests/prepare license applications

  • ReviewFederal Registeron daily basis for regulatory notices affecting international clearance and product distribution, HAZMAT transport, and general transportation regulatory environment

  • Advise Distribution operating units concerning Domestic transportation legal/regulatory requirements for Hazardous Materials and Transportation Safety Administration compliance

  • Maintain compliance database with respect to Denied Persons and inventory product export classification


  • Bachelor's Degree required

  • Demonstrated technical knowledge and proficiency in Logistics and Regulatory management

  • Minimum 10 years in related job areas with demonstrated progression to supervisory/management levels