Northwell Health OR Technician-Certified Full time Temp Day Shift in Staten Island, New York

Req Number 000Z58

Job Category Nursing Support

Job Description

As an O.R Technician you will participate as a member of the perioperative team by performing direct and indirect perioperative tasks for patients having surgical procedures. Perform delegated patient care activities while ensuring patient safety.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Responsible for the smooth functioning of activities during the surgical procedure. This person is garbed in sterile attire and must remain within the sterile field.

  • Knowledgeable of the proposed surgical procedure anticipates the surgeons needs and efficiently carries out instructions by the surgeon, anesthesiologist and circulating nurse.

  • Assists the circulating nurse in the assembly and preparation of all supplies, instruments and equipment required for proposed surgical procedure utilizing physician resource map as a tool.

  • Assists the circulating nurse in the proper opening of sterile supplies onto the sterile field. In this function, the OR technician should be mindful and caution should be taken to avoid the opening of supplies which may be unnecessary for the procedure.

  • Checks order and tidiness and proper functioning of suction, lighting and equipment.

  • Is knowledgeable in the positioning of patients for surgical procedure and assists when indicated.

  • Performs surgical scrub per hospital procedure after removing all jewelry and nail polish. Artificial tips or overlays are prohibited.

  • Prepares drapes, instruments and sutures on sterile field for efficient delivery of surgical procedure under strict aseptic technique.

  • Visually inspects all instrumentation and operative scopes for proper cleanliness, functioning and visualization prior to commencement of procedure. Any unusual findings shall be reported to the circulating nurse for corrective action.

  • Performs initial, relief and closing counts with the circulating nurse-providing visualization of all items counted as per hospital policy.

  • Verifies operative site with circulating room nurse.

  • Assists in the gowning and gloving of the surgical team and draping of the sterile field.

  • Responsible for maintaining the integrity, safety and efficiency of the sterile field by maintaining constant visualization of the operative field.

  • Responsible for immediately reporting any breaks aseptic technique and or complications to the circulating nurse so corrective action can be implemented.

  • Limits conversation at the operative field to promote a high level of infection control during procedure.

  • Responsible for the labeling, mixing and dispensing of all medications/contrast media under the direct supervision of the circulating nurse on a sterile field as indicated by the attending physician.

  • May assist in the cutting of surgical sutures and/or hold Adson forceps during skin stapling upon closure of the operative site under the direct supervision of the attending physician.

  • May irrigate the operative site under the direct supervision of the attending physician.

  • May suction blood and or fluids to provide adequate visualization of the operative field under the direct supervision of the attending physician.

  • May suction smoke from artery or laser above the operative field under the direct supervision of the attending physician.

  • May support an extremity to improve visualization of the surgical site under the direct supervision of the attending physician.

  • May hold retractors after placement by the attending physician.

  • Secures all specimens retrieved during operative procedure, notifies the circulating nurse of the identity of the specimen given by the attending surgeon.

  • Continuously cleans surgical instrumentation of gross debris throughout the surgical procedure to assist in proper decontamination postoperatively.

  • Responsible for packing all instruments in there intended container according to hospital policy and procedure. Any broken or damaged instruments must be brought to central/sterile for decontamination and delivered to the instrument manager for repair.

  • Assists circulating nurse in cleaning room assuring that all trash and line is disposed of properly in the appropriate container. No trash or linen is to remain on the floor or Operating Room table.

  • Disassembles suction canisters for proper disposal by environmental.

  • Verifies the correct labeling and number of surgical specimens with the circulating nurse.

  • Remains in room after operative procedure is completed, assists in transfer of patient to stretcher or bed using proper body mechanics.

  • If surgical procedure is completed and patient is on hold for a space in PACU the scrub technician may leave the operating room suite to assemble the next case set up and equipment, provided the anesthesiologist and circulating nurse remain with the patient.

  • Transports instrumentation and specimens to soiled utility room. All must be contained/covered during transport. Instruments shall be placed inside transport cart. Instruments that will be utilized for a subsequent procedure must be delivered directly to central sterile for immediate decontamination.

  • Specimens must be recorded in log for pathology or bacteriology. If indicated, Formalin should be placed in jar as per policy with specimen. Said jar shall be labeled with patient’s name and source of specimen, biohazard/formalin label applied, and placed in biohazard bag after assuring lids are secure so that leakage does not occur. Specimen slip shall be in place.

  • Understands and demonstrates the importance of efficiency and time management.

  • Identifies and demonstrates cost containment on each procedure.

  • Under direct supervision of R.N., positions patient for the surgical procedure utilizing knowledge of special needs based on age of patient.

  • Under direct supervision of R.N., prepares room environment to meet needs of patient.

  • Physical Demands: Standing, walking, stooping, bending, stretching, lifting, pulling, pushing, turning and sitting. Frequently lifts objects from 10 lbs to 150 lbs. Occasionally lifts with assistance objects greater than 150 lbs. Occasionally carries objects weighing up to 50 lbs. Frequently pushes objects up to 200 lbs.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent, required. Knowledge of instrumentation/supplies. Graduate of an accredited operating room technology program.

  • Certification from an accredited Surgical Technology program, required.

  • Previous experience in a clinical/medical related position.