Vanderbilt University Medical Center Pre Appointment Coordinator - Breast Center 100 Oaks in Nashville, Tennessee

Collects, Organizes and accounts for all pre appointment activity with occasional guidance. Tracks down patient records, films, slides, referrals, insurance authorizations and other documentation. For more information regarding the physical requirements and environmental conditions for this job, please click here at .

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

  1. Core Accountabilities:

a. Organizational Impact: Performs tasks that are typically routine that may impact team's performance with occasional guidance.

b. Problem Solving/Complexity of Work: Utilizes some discretion and research to solve routine problems.

c. Breadth of Knowledge: Applies knowledge of standards, established processes and procedure that apply to your own job.

d. Team Interaction: Provides guidance to entry level co-workers.

  1. Key Responsibilities:

a. Documents and track all pre-appointment information using various systems.

b. Works with patients and/or outside facilities to ensure all administrative tasks, including; referrals, pre-certs, orders and consults have been received.

c. Works with patients and/or outside facilities to ensure clinical records and documentation have arrived, and ready for review prior patient visit.

  1. Core Capabilities: Supporting Colleagues

a. Develops Self and Others: Continuously improves own skills by identifying development opportunities

b. Builds and Maintains Relationships: Seeks to understand colleagues priorities, working styles and develops relationships across areas

c. Communicates Effectively: Openly shares information with others and communicates in a clear and courteous manner

  1. Core Capabilities: Delivering Excellent Services

a. Serves Others with Compassion: Invests time to understand the problems, needs of others and how to provide excellent service

b. Solves Complex Problems: Seeks to understand issues, solves routine problems, and raises proper concerns to supervisors in a timely manner

c. Offers Meaningful Advice and Support: Listens carefully to understand the issues and provides accurate information and support

  1. Core Capabilities: Ensuring High Quality

a. Performs excellent work: Checks work quality before delivery and asks relevant questions to meet quality standards

b. Ensures continuous improvement: Shows eagerness to learn new knowledge, technologies, tools or systems and displays willingness to go above and beyond

c. Fulfills safety and regulatory requirements: Demonstrates basic knowledge of conditions that affect safety and reports unsafe conditions to the appropriate person or department

  1. Core Capabilities: Managing Resources Effectively

a. Demonstrates Accountability: Takes responsibility for completing assigned activities and thinks beyond standard approaches to provide high-quality work/service

b. Stewards Organizational Resources: Displays understanding of how personal actions will impact departmental resources

c. Makes Data Driven Decisions: Uses accurate information and good decision making to consistently achieve results on time and without error

  1. Core Capabilities: Fostering Innovation

a. Generates New Ideas: Willingly proposes/accepts ideas or initiatives that will impact day-to-day operations by offering suggestions to enhance them

b. Applies Technology: Absorbs new technology quickly; understands when to utilize the appropriate tools and procedures to ensure proper course of action

c. Adapts to Change: Embraces change by keeping an open mind to changing plans and incorporates change instructions into own area of work

  1. Technical Capabilities:

a. Patient Scheduling (Novice): The ability to coordinate and schedule patient appointments, surgeries and other office visits with various computer systems in the hospital or clinic.

b. Patient Documentation (Novice): The ability to receive and record patient information.

c. Medical Terminology/Documentation (Novice): The ability to understand and use medical terminology or document in a hospital or medical office environment.

Job requires High school graduate or GED and 3 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Job Clinical Support

Organization: Breast Center 303320

Title: Pre Appointment Coordinator - Breast Center 100 Oaks

Location: TN-Nashville-Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks (OHO)

Requisition ID: 1611832