Samsung Electronics America Director of Engineering (R&D) and Principle Engineer in Mountain View, California

System Software Engineer (293340)

S/W Engineering, Regular Full-Time

Samsung Research America ,Mountain View California

Nov 29, 2016

General Description

System Software Engineer

Location: Mountain View, CA

General Description:

Smartphones, tablet, and other mobile devices have completely revolutionized how we operate in our daily lives. From communicating and sharing information to traveling and shopping, Samsung and Android have been at the core of this revolution. The next generation of mobile devices will completely change how we work. Development has already begun, and the possibilities are endless.

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Come join the Samsung KNOX team and help us define and develop the future role of security and productivity for mobile devices and services!

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Position Summary:

The System Software Engineer will primarily be involved in the design, implementation of one or more system security components. We use a wide range of technologies that include ARM TrustZone and hardware virtualization to provide adequate protection for our system from potential threats.

Necessary Skills / Attributes

Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop novel technologies for mobile device security, including firmware, operating system, and/or applications.

  • Develop novel technologies for IoT device security.

  • Work in team to provide improvement of previously developed solutions.

  • Work closely with QA teams to identify and fix any and all bugs that are reported.

Experience Requirements:

  • BS degree in computer science, engineering or related field.

  • Strong understanding of OS design and implementation.

  • Fluent in C, C++ and/or Java programming, especially in mobile or embedded systems

  • Expertise in fundamentals of computer architecture, data structures, algorithms, multi-threaded programming concepts.

Preferred Requirements:

  • PhD/MS degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent field is preferred.

  • Experience with low-level software (e.g. Linux kernel or hypervisor) development is highly desirable and preferred.

  • ARM TrustZone framework knowledge is a plus.

  • Expertise with ARM based assembly programming and debugging embedded systems are highly desirable.

  • Proficiency in scripting language(s) (e.g. Python) is a plus.

  • Expertise in mobile operating systems security and application security is preferred but not required.

Company Information

Founded in October 1988, Samsung Research America (SRA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, South Korea. SRA is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. with offices across the US. SRA is engaged in researching emerging technologies to create new businesses, and developing core technologies to enhance the competitiveness of Samsung's products. SRA offers a competitive compensation package for R&D achievements so that researchers can focus on developing cutting edge technology. The primary research areas of SRA include: advanced software, content/services, user experience as well as other new and emerging technologies.

Samsung Research America (SRA) plays a pivotal role in developing the next generation of discovery in software, user experience and services for future products that can enrich your life.

Our mission is to research and develop new technologies by partnering with the best and brightest and creating a collaborative environment between industry and academia. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with locations in many technology centers in North America, SRA is driven to build a culture of innovation that rapidly translates research and new ideas into the unexpected.