Louisiana Department of State Civil Service MAINTENANCE REPAIRER 2-WAE in Jackson, Louisiana



$2,104.00 - $4,307.00 Monthly

$12.14 - $24.85 Hourly

$2,104.00 - $4,307.00 Monthly


Jackson, LA

Jackson, LA

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LDH-Office of Behavioral Health

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12/8/2016 11:59 PM Central

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This position may be filled by a new hire or by a current state employee. No civil service test score or exam is required. Anyone who meets the minimum qualifications may apply.

The vacancy is located in the Maintenance Department of Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System, Jackson LA. ELMHS is the largest 24-hour, multi-site, state psychiatric complex, comprised of residential, outpatient and inpatient services.

This position will be filled as a WAE, temporary appointment.

Maintenance Repairer 2-WAE--$15.32/hour

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    For further information about this vacancy, please contact:

    Jennifer Palmer

    Eastern La. Mental Health System

    P.O. Box 498

    Jackson, LA 70748

    (225) 634-0548(office)

    (225) 634-0559 (fax)

    email: Jennifer.palmer@la.gov

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Two years of experience in the building construction trades, building maintenance, maintenance or repair of mechanical equipment, or as a parks building and grounds attendant.


Training in the building construction trades, building maintenance, maintenance or repair of mechanical equipment, or parks building and grounds work will substitute for the required experience. Training will be credited in six month increments.


Custodial building maintenance is not qualifying.

Examples of building construction trades include cabinetmaker, carpenter, concrete finisher, electrician, HVAC controls technician, HVAC mechanic, ironworker, millwright, painter, pipefitter, plasterer, plumber, refrigeration mechanic, roofer, sheet metal worker, steamfitter, tile setter and welder.

Examples of building maintenance include Maintenance Repairer 1/2, B/G/E Maintenance Repairer 1/2 and Maintenance Repair Foreman.

Examples of repair/maintenance of mechanical equipment include Operating Engineer 1/2, auto mechanic, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Mechanic, Mobile Equipment Overhaul Mechanic and Mobile Equipment Master Mechanic.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:

To repair and maintain buildings, facilities, navigational locks, equipment, and appliances or to perform general maintenance functions on marine vessels and other related facilities.

Level of Work:


Supervision Received:

General from higher-level agency personnel.

Supervision Exercised:


Location of Work:

All state agencies.

Job Distinctions:

Differs from Maintenance Repairer 1 because of the expanded scope of journeyman repair work which includes installation of plumbing and electrical fixtures, equipment repairs, and repairs to marine vessels.

Differs from other maintenance jobs by the broad spectrum of trades functions and by the absence of specialized tasks.

Examples of Work


Makes general repairs to buildings, interiors, exteriors, furniture, fixtures, air conditioning/heating systems and other mechanical and related fields such as plumbing, carpentry and electrical.

Maintains and makes general repairs to a variety of motorized equipment including tune-ups, replacement and adjustment of worn or damaged parts, (carburetors, generators, alternators, starters, pumps, brake linings/pads, etc.) and limited dis-assembly of major components (engines, transmissions, final drives, etc.) to determine the extent of damage and repairs necessary.

Makes minor repairs to navigational locks such as replacing hydraulic hoses.

Makes limited repairs to appliances, replaces parts and makes

adjustments, etc.

Starts, operates and checks for safety and maintenance of a wide variety of hand held equipment, motorized vehicles, tractors, cotton pickers, combines, hay balers, planters, etc.

Performs general road maintenance tasks.


Performs minor and major repairs on marine vessels and all marine facilities.

Participates in painting, pipefitting, carpentry and electrical repair of marine vessels and related equipment.

Performs minor maintenance on all equipment assigned to his use.

Requisitions supplies and materials as needed.

Estimates labor and materials necessary to accomplish repairs as needed.

Oversees work of subordinate repairers and Trades Helpers when assigned to assist in repair work.

Performs other duties or assignments as directed by higher ranking personnel.