Louisiana Department of State Civil Service CORRECTIONS GUARD TRAINEE--THERAPEUTIC or CORRECTIONS GUARD THERAPEUTIC in Jackson, Louisiana



$1,636.00 - $3,682.00 Monthly

$9.44 - $21.24 Hourly

$1,636.00 - $3,682.00 Monthly


Jackson, LA

Jackson, LA

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LDH-Office of Behavioral Health

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12/8/2016 11:59 PM Central

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Supplemental Information

ELMHS is the largest 24-hour, multi-site, state psychiatric complex, comprised of residential, outpatient and inpatient services.

This position may be filled as either a Probational or Job Appointment (open to all qualified applicants); a promotion (open to all statewide classified and Agencywide permanent status employees); by Detail to Special Duty, or as a WAE. Current permanent status, classified employees may be required to accept a Probational appointed if selected for a full-time position.


Corrections Guard Trainee-Therapeutic - $2,100.80/month

Corrections Guard Therapeutic - $2,258.53/month

Work Incentive Pay is $0.50/hour for each hour worked.

As part of a Career Progression Group, vacancies may be filled from this recruitment as Corrections Guard Trainee-Therapeutic or a Corrections Guard Therapeutic, depending on the level of experience of the selected applicant. The maximum salary for the Corrections Guard Therapeutic is $47,278 annually. Please refer to the "Job Specifications" tab located at the top of the LA Careers "Current Job Opportunities page" for specific information on salary ranges, minimum qualification requirements and job concepts for each level.

Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of work experience. An application may be considered incomplete if the work experience and education sections are not completed. Please list all work experience.

No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.

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If you are unable to apply online, you may fax your Civil Service application to (225) 219-1041 or you may mail it to the Staffing Division, Department of State Civil Service, P.O. Box 94111, Capitol Station, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9111. Please include the job title (CORRECTIONS GUARD TRAINEE – THERAPEUTIC or CORRECTIONS GUARD THERAPEUTIC) and job number (ELMHS12.1.16CGT(T)) on your application. All applications must be faxed or postmarked by the closing date of this posting. Paper applications will be considered incomplete if the supplemental questions are not printed, answered, and submitted with the application. Older versions of the Civil Service application/SF10 will not be accepted and will be returned to you.

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Position filled - Someone has been selected for the position.

Position canceled - The agency has decided not to fill the position.

For further information about this vacancy, please contact:

Jennifer Palmer

ELMHS- Human Resources

4502 Hwy 951

Jackson, LA. 70748



You are strongly encouraged to apply for this posting using your online application. It is recommended that you apply for all job titles that you are interested in.

Specific information about this job will be provided to you in the interview process, should you be selected. However, there is no guarantee that everybody that applies to this posting will be interviewed.



No experience or training is required.


Must have attained eighteenth birthday at time of application.

An applicant who has been convicted of a felony or who is under indictment on a felony charge will be disqualified until relief from the disabilities imposed by state and federal laws is granted.

Job Concepts


To provide security of clients and assist in application of clinical treatment in accomplishing the overall goal of evaluation and/or treatment of individuals judicially remanded to the facility.




Close from the Corrections Lieutenant--Therapeutic or other higher-level official.




24-hour secure facilities housing judicially remanded clients.


Differs from Corrections Guard--Therapeutic by performance of trainee duties for six months.

Examples of Work

Trains in all protective service duties:

Maintains locked doors and gates as per facility policy.

Follows facility policies in control and prevention of contraband on grounds (this includes clients, employees, and visitors).

Monitors client movement and provide client count as per facility policy.

Makes security checks of buildings, grounds, fences, doors and gates to ensure that the integrity of security is intact; refers problems and/or deficiencies to proper authority.

Follows procedure for searching clients, living quarters, etc. to control contraband and avoid litigation.

Maintains security and follows instructions in handling emergency situations such as riots, fire, etc.; must maintain a level of functioning which does not induce panic among clients or employees.

Institutes security measures when escorting patients inside and outside facility.

Provides 24-hour security when clients are transferred to off campus medical facilities.

Responds to orders to report to duty during elopement (or other unusual occurrences) and mans duty stations as assigned.

Supervises those clients assigned to his/her area and contributes toward creation of an atmosphere that is conducive to treatment. Assists in keeping client ward charts, records, etc. on all clients in assigned ward.

Assists with all routine clinics, details, and laboratory work for clients (under the guidance of the medical nursing staff).

Accompanies clients to recreational and occupational therapies and all off-ward activities to provide security and therapeutic assistance.

Participates and assists clinical treatment team members with groups of clients in therapeutic activities.

Participates as an active member in treatment team meetings, advising others about observations and recommendations and signs master treatment plans.

Maintains adequate records in charts for each client in their assigned area for unusual happenings, such as side effects from drugs, behavior problems, eating and sleeping problems or one who might be physically ill or dramatically losing weight from a mental or physical disorder, suicidal or homicidal attempts or threats, and any elopements or any attempts of elopements.

Creates proper atmosphere on a security treatment unit which includes maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for clients by assisting in the cleaning of the physical surroundings, furnishings, and equipment, and other items in the patient care unit.

Participates in educational programs (either in-house or outside facility) as assigned, to increase knowledge base and job skills (is subject to 24-hour call).

Performs any related duties as assigned.