Travelers Translator, Claim Services in Houston, Texas

Job Opening ID: 9446BR

Title: Translator, Claim Services

Country: United States

State/Region/Province: Texas

City: Houston

Job Category: Customer Service, Claim

Target Openings: 5

Position Type: Experienced/Professional

Company Information:

Solid reputation, passionate people and endless opportunities. That's Travelers. Our superior financial strength and consistent record of strong operating returns mean security for our customers - and opportunities for our employees. You will find Travelers to be full of energy and a workplace in which you truly can make a difference.

Job Summary:

Hours for this position are 9am-6pm or 10am-7pm M-F.

Under general supervision, facilitate meaningful and effective verbal communication between Travelers employees and customers/third parties by interpreting language, idioms, and insurance terms. Responsible for handling customer calls primarily on demand with the ability to instantly comprehend and convert from Spanish to English and vice versa. Process information quickly and concisely, recognizes sensitive cultural differences and is professional and courteous at all times. Use appropriate insurance terminology and understands common industry procedures and practices to achieve optimal outcomes for all parties on the call in an impartial and balanced manner. This job does not lead others.

Primary Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Translate all exchanges during live customer service calls between the customer, Travelers employees and other persons on the call. Translate questions directed to the customer, asking follow-up clarifying questions when the customers response is unclear or inadequate. Access Travelers claim system to review claim data in order to utilize customer information as a resource during the call to help facilitate translation. Clearly and concisely define the roles of all parties on the call to the customer; identify the customer, Travelers CSR and the translator to all parties who join during the call. Utilize all available resources during the call to translate unfamiliar insurance terms from English to Spanish. Take shorthand notes as needed to help facilitate translation. Manage multiple calls daily while simultaneously monitoring overall queue performance. Specific elements are outlined below: Apply effective listening skills through recognition of customers need and adjust style accordingly. Consistently provide top-tier, high-level customer service to our internal and external customers. Maintain and update reference material needed to provide quality service. Share customer concerns with Team Leader and/or Unit Manager to promptly and effectively address any outstanding issues. Share any telephone or system concerns with Team Leader and/or Unit Manager to promptly overcome any potential problems. Promptly and courteously respond to customer inquiries and/or refer them effectively to someone who can assist them. Additional duties include answering inbound calls from Spanish-speaking customers to capture first notice of loss information, respond to questions, redirect to appropriate department/professional, or promptly escalate urgent claims During peak call-volume events, answer inbound calls from English-speaking customers to capture first notice of loss information, respond to questions, redirect to appropriate department/professional, or promptly escalate urgent claims Assess a variety of situations to ensure appropriate and comprehensive documentation of information following the guidelines of multiple workflows under the corresponding line of business.

Education, Work Experience & Knowledge:

Ability to provide cultural competency and assess regional and accent differences to find ways of communicating with the limited English proficient speakers- Preferred - Intermediate Ability to explain idiomatic expressions and cultural nuances to avoid miscommunication-Preferred-Intermediate Excellent listening, retention and note-taking skills to maintain a high level of accuracy-Preferred-Intermediate Ability to concentrate and remain neutral and objective at all times and following client's instructions closely-Preferred-Intermediate

Job Specific & Technical Skills & Competencies:

Customer Focus: Advanced ability to consistently provide an exemplary customer experience by respecting customer needs and attentively address customer priorities. Maintains professionalism and courtesy in a demanding, fast-paced environment. Communication: Demonstrates mastery of Spanish using formal grammar, clear pronunciation and professional vocabulary. Advanced ability to capture customer information spoken in Spanish and comprehend various regional dialects to accurately translate customer information. Change Management/Resilience: Maintains composure and accuracy when transitioning between Spanish language and English language calls. Advanced ability to perform duties efficiently, while accepting the inconsistency and uncertainty surrounding daily Spanish and English language inbound call dialects and volumes. Continuous Learning: Intermediate ability to seek and apply new information as needed to supplement developmental needs to ensure proficiency as a CSR Translator. Credibility: Ability to demonstrate behavior that is perceived as responsible, reliable and trustworthy Technology: Intermediate ability to use, leverage, and maintain proficiency with corporate and job-related technology as it evolves (e.g., hardware, software, business unit applications, and systems tools). Information Management: Basic ability to locate, collect, review, organize, retrieve, maintain and distribute information and data. Follows information collection, retention and storage procedures and knows what information must be gathered. Planning & Organizing: Basic time management and self-organization skills.

Environmental/Work Schedules/Other:

Work Schedules: Weekend work hours (Varies) Other: Bilingual. Spanish and English Proficiency Level: Fluent

Physical Requirement:

Operates standard office equipment (Continuously) Sitting (Can stand at will) (Continuously) Use of Keyboards, Sporadic 10-Key (Continuously)

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement:

Travelers is an equal opportunity employer.