Alorica Operations CSR - Technical Support in Cebu, Philippines


Communication Skills

  • Ability to communicate with customers using proper grammar, actions, words, and tone that conveys a compassionate, friendly, confident, and trusting environment

  • Ability to demonstrate empathy, establishes rapport, apologize for any inconveniences and take responsibility for the solution to the member s reason for calling

  • Ability to listen and respond appropriately to customers needs

  • Able to interpret customers explanation of why they need help in order to correctly identify their wants and needs

  • Ability to paraphrase and confirm what the customer has stated

  • Ability to adjust rate of speech/typing as necessary to accommodate the individual customer

  • Ability to clearly explain a product, offer, or resolution using accurate and concise descriptions that do not include jargon or localized colloquialisms

Problem Solving Skills

  • Ability to discern and identify Customer s need, using effective questioning, to identify optimal solution

  • Ability to provide accurate and complete information at all times throughout the interaction

  • Ability to solve customer concerns through effective use of tools, queue policy, products, offers, and scripting; presenting features and services relevant to customers needs

  • Ability to display confidence in communicating solutions. Should be comfortable not knowing the answer but knowing where to find the answer

Technical Skills

  • Intermediate knowledge of running home PCs including software, operating systems, and hardware (modems, routers,)

  • Intermediate Internet knowledge including connection types, connection speeds, and general troubleshooting skills (delete temporary files, manually set up modems, etc)

  • Basic knowledge of

  • Knowledge of Operating Systems

Call Control Skills/ Customer Orientation

  • Ability to control the customer inquiry in a professional and friendly manner without creating a situation in which the customer becomes defensive.

  • Does not argue, interrupt, or speak over customer

  • Ability to limit non-business related side conversations (whether initiated by the customer or the CCC), redirecting customer in to a productive interaction;

  • Ability to diffuse angry or upset customers, directing the conversation in to a productive interaction between the customer and AT&T.

Environmental Skills/Work Standards/Resiliency

  • Ability to remain calm and customer focused, when faced with environmental distractions

  • Self motivated to achieve and exceed service and performance targets

  • Resilient under pressure and shows capability of handling setbacks

  • Ability to detach from personal needs and biases

  • Ability to accept and quickly adapt to change, adjusting frequently to a dynamic work environment


Job: Call Center

Location: Philippines-Cebu

Requisition ID: 113751