Louisiana Department of State Civil Service PETROLEUM ANALYST SUPERVISOR in Baton Rouge, Louisiana



$3,999.00 - $7,958.00 Monthly

$23.07 - $45.91 Hourly

$3,999.00 - $7,958.00 Monthly


Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

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12/5/2016 11:59 PM Central

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There are two (2) openings for this job title. These positions are located in the Injection and Mining Section within the Office of Conservation in Baton Rouge, LA. These positions will be filled via an internal promotion with a current permanent DNR-Office of Conservation employee. Applicants not meeting this qualification are not eligible for consideration.

Duties include: Serve as the division's Senior Petroleum Analyst on all disposal and injection wells and is responsible to supervise, manage, direct, and coordinate the technical, managerial, and administrative functions of the disposal and injection well engineering section of a public safety program pursuant to the Louisiana UIC Program and certain additional waste disposal activities regulated under Title 43, Parts XIX and XVII of the Louisiana Administrative Code. Incumbent ensures that project for subsurface fluid injection regulated by the Injection and Mining Division (IMD) is mechanically sound so as not to introduce contaminants into surface waters or subsurface geologic strata containing Underground Sources of Drinking Water (USDW).

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No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.


If interested, applicants may apply in accordance with one of the following below:ONLINE: Click on the "Apply" link above and complete an electronic application which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities.

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While we would encourage all interested applicants to apply, please be aware that there are various reasons that your application may be disqualified from consideration including, but not limited, to:

  • Submission of a resume and/or SF-10 application in lieu of the online application or official Louisiana employment application as referenced above;

  • Failure to fully complete the education and work experience sections of the application;

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    For further information about this vacancy, contact:

    Bobbie Scott, HR Manager

    Department of Natural Resources

    PO Box 94396

    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9396

    Email: Bobbie.Scott@la.gov

    FAX: 225-342-4313

    The Department of Natural Resources is a participant in the E-Verify system for identification and employment eligibility purposes.



A baccalaureate degree in engineering followed by three years of professional level experience in the evaluation of oil and gas drilling, oil and gas production and/or oil and gas transportation.


Any college hours or degree must be from a school accredited by one of the following regional accrediting bodies: the Middle States Commission on Higher Education; the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; the Higher Learning Commission; the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities; the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:

To regulate oil and gas drilling and production activities, and analyze, process and recommend action on oil and gas drilling, production, plug and abandonment, and transportation activities by application of advanced mathematics, physics, and petroleum engineering. To recommend, develop, and supervise the implementation of Act 404, orphan well plug and abandonment, and site restoration projects.

Level of Work:


Supervision Received:

Broad review from an Engineer 6 or Petroleum Analyst Manager.


Engineering decisions must be approved by a professional engineer registered in the State of Louisiana.

Supervision Exercised:

Direct over subordinate petroleum analysts, engineering technicians, conservation enforcement specialists, mineral production analysts and specialists, contract consultants, and other office personnel.

Location of Work:

Department of Natural Resources, Offices of Conservation and Mineral Resources.

Job Distinctions:

Differs from Petroleum Analyst Advanced by the responsibility for application of a variety of disciplines and functions, a higher level of authority, projects of a larger scope, and direct line supervision of subordinates.

Differs from Petroleum Analyst Manager by the absence of managing a section of petroleum analysts.

Examples of Work


Assumes the responsibilities and duties of the District Manager in his/her absence.

Performs the most complex engineering production tests of oil and gas wells to determine compliance; maintains field surveillance and supervision over production from assigned wells; and makes the most extensive completion and production tests.

Serves as project supervisor for highly specialized petroleum engineering work involving varied problems in drilling, production, and plug and abandonment practices and procedures.

Reviews and processes applications to amend permit to drill for minerals, completion and re-completion reports, wellbore schematics, 29F plats, and directional surveys for compliance with Statewide Orders.

Conducts engineering studies involving the separation of oil and/or gas reservoirs and determines competitive equities for granting allowables and exceptions.

Participates in special testing programs, which are conducted on a continuous basis during drilling operations.

Participates in conferences with industry representatives concerning field-wide problems in drilling and production and advises industry as to proper action.

Serves as mediator and adviser in cases of operator conflict in the field.

Recommends approval or disapproval of Maximum Efficient Rates for wells capable of producing more than Depth Bracket Allowables.

Serves as factual witness in court proceedings and hearings on oil and gas matters.


Serves as assistant to the head of a technical engineering section involving supervising a highly specialized phase of designing such as the preparation of standard and special plans, estimates, provisions, and specifications.

Assumes all responsibilities of the Division head in his absence.

Serves as project supervisor for highly specialized petroleum engineering work involving various problems in unitization.

Reviews economic justification studies for proposed facilities and verifies computation and analysis of cost benefit considerations.

Develops and reviews a complete set of plans, specifications, and estimates for the construction of a large facility or structure in which the most complex features occur and which requires the application of multiple engineering disciplines and functions.

Maintains extensive records of leases, ownership, and cooperative development for producing wells and dry holes.

Represents the State Mineral Board in meetings with state leases, operators of adjacent acreage and state and federal representatives in which unitization is discussed.

Participates in directing public hearings dealing with oil and gas unitization proceedings, down hole commingling applications, substitute and/or alternate unit well proposals, secondary recovery operations, and intrastate natural gas transporter applications.

Participates in preparing guidelines for use in investigating complaints of violations of state rules and regulations.

Determines requirements for abandonment of nonproductive or depleted wells and intrastate pipeline facilities.

Participates in special projects dealing with the petroleum industry such as developing mechanisms to track illegal oil and gas activities.