Manpower Group Facilities UPW / IWT Operations Technician in Austin, Texas

Summary / Overview:

  • Operate and monitor the operation of all UPW / IWT related equipment in support of a large semiconductor manufacturing facility.

  • Start and stop critical equipment while maintaining consistent system operational parameters.

  • Monitor system trends by observing change points, and following escalation plans if deviation occurs.

  • Provide support for new equipment installation, startup, commissioning, and sustaining operations.

  • Perform system analysis and follow detailed scripts for troubleshooting.

  • Conduct field inspections of equipment and systems.

  • Perform routine preventative maintenance tasks on stated equipment.

  • Perform all assigned duties and tasks in accordance with site Safety policies and protocols.

  • Complete other duties as assigned.

Specific Job Duties:

  • Operate and monitor UPW / IWT, and all related equipment.

  • Proficient in ion exchange regeneration and reverse osmosis cleaning techniques.

  • Proficient in IWT AWW, Cu, and Fluoride Waste Water systems.

  • Monitor all systems on computerized Distributed Control System; perform trend analysis on parameters.

  • Receive detailed instruction on assignments, projects, and daily work from shift Lead Technician.

  • Receive guidance and mentoring from higher level Technicians, Group Leads, and Supervisors.

  • Apply company policies and procedures to resolve routine issues.

  • Work from schematics, diagrams, layouts, defined plans, and written/verbal instructions.

  • Collaborate with other Facilities departments and internal customers to support the safety and reliability of the equipment and systems.

  • Potential to work with and around hazardous areas and hazardous chemicals and materials.

  • Conform to all applicable Safety policies and protocols, including the wearing of all Personal Protective Equipment required for each task.

  • Provide input and suggestions for possible system and equipment improvements.

  • Implement and Sustain 5S protocol throughout FOM designated areas.

Location: Austin, TX

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Software, Tools:

  • Must have understanding of UPW/IWT equipment and systems.

  • Semiconductor or high-volume manufacturing experience preferred.

  • Prior UPW/IWT Process Operations experience preferred.

  • Must demonstrate reliability.

  • Must demonstrate initiative and desire to learn.

  • Must demonstrate adaptability regarding to work environment and schedule.

  • Ability to wear cleanroom suit as required by SAS FAB protocol.

  • Ability to wear air purifying respirator as needed for specific tasks.

  • Effective verbal and written communications skills.

  • Possesses strong attention to detail, flexibility, and prioritization

  • Influencing and persuasion skills

  • Maintains confidentiality of sensitive and proprietary information

  • Effectively communicates via verbal/written means to immediate team and other SAS departments

  • Multitasks and adapts to constant change

  • Proficient in or able to learn relevant SAS systems

  • Able to use Microsoft Office software

  • Project management skills

  • Meeting management skills

  • Time management skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) per the SAS FAB protocol

  • Ability to sit, stand, and/or walk for 10+ hours per day

  • Lift at least 10 -20 lbs. on a regular basis

  • May perform repetitive hand and wrist motions and sometimes may have to twist and bend body

  • Ability to climb ladders/stairs * Work in loud environment. Must be able to discern audible alarms.

  • Vision - May be exposed to yellow lights, blinking lights. Must be able to distinguish colors and possess accurate depth perception.

  • Potential to work with materials which contain hazardous chemicals

Education, Training, Certification(s) and Minimum # Years Required:

  • 2 years of college/technical school or equivalent work experience.

  • Applicable documented Training and/or Certifications a plus.